The 4 Top Qualities Employers Look for in a Temporary Employee

Companies need temporary employees – but what do they look for?

Published on May 5, 2018

Companies continue to become more interested in bringing on a short-term or temporary employee for their needs. Why? They often prefer a “try before you buy” kind of arrangement. Short-term gigs could transform into full-time, permanent positions for employees who make the most out of their temporary positions.

While most employers seek the same qualities in a temporary employee as they do in a permanent one, there are some unique qualities which increase your chances of being hired as a temporary employee in a company:

Knowing how and where to start on your own

When employers hire temporary workers, they wish do not want to invest a significant amount of time in training them. Instead, employers look for somebody who can start out on their own and quickly take on the new duties without hours of formal training.

This means that as a temporary employee, you are required to be specific about your skill specialization. You will need to fit into a role quickly and effortlessly. For instance, by familiarizing yourself with software used by a company, you become more desirable for a temporary job position in that company.

Providing insight and feedback

A temporary employee can serve as a critical source of information to a business. If you have enough real-world experience and a bird’s eye view on different situations, you can add value to the employer’s firm, even if you’re going to be brought on as a temporary basis. With valuable insight, you may be able to help different departments and improve the overall processes of the company. Knowing how to give feedback and your insight appropriately is an essential quality.

Adapting quickly

One of the most important qualities that you can possess as a temporary employee is the ability to adapt to the new culture and surroundings. You might not be spending a lot of time on each job assignment, hence it is vital to move on from one job position to another without too much effort. People that are ready to roll with day-to-day changes and challenges are the most desirable for temporary positions.

Displaying enthusiasm for your work

Enthusiasm is yet another quality that employers seek in temporary workers. It could be challenging for a temporary worker to retain enthusiasm when working on short-term assignments. A good way to stay enthusiastic about your work is to look at the bigger picture. One of your temporary jobs may convert into a highly rewarding full-time employment or may contribute to a larger scale project that the company is working on. You’ll get to see how your hard work fits into the bigger picture. This will help you to give your best to each assignment, even if it is short-lived.

When a worker is temporary, it’s vital to make the most out of the time spent at the company – meaning that with temporary work, employers make sure to only bring on workers that can perform their functions well and with little guidance. By working to improve these qualities, you can set yourself up for the best temporary opportunities.