5 Surefire Ways to Be Confident at Work

You’ll be surprised at how being confident will impact your work.

Published on February 16, 2018

Confidence is the most important intrinsic skill you can have. When you are confident, it resonates throughout your life. That’s why it is so important to keep up your confidence in the workplace. But, with the obstacles one may face at work, such as failures, competition, or layoffs, staying confident can be a challenge. These are surefire ways to help you remain confident and excel at work.

Capitalize on your strengths

Take a step back and ask yourself: What am I best at? What unique attributes can I bring to the table? After you assess your strengths, find ways you can infuse them into your everyday tasks. When you work to your strengths, you will feel more assured, motivated, and confident that you can deliver with impressive results.

Find your weaknesses

Nobody is perfect; we all have weaknesses. Yet, weaknesses aren’t meant to be ignored or forgotten about. Assess your main weaknesses that are hindering you from working at your absolute best and devise a plan to improve upon them. Once you realize that your weaknesses shouldn’t hold you back, you will experience a surge of confidence. This will make you more productive and less doubtful of yourself.

Create both short-term and long-term goals

This can be applied towards your professional and personal life. Create a checklist of goals you want to do – both short-term and long-term. Make these goals attainable and track your progress but don’t be afraid to throw out a few long-shots. You will be surprised when you realize you accomplished that “crazy goal”!

Learn from failures, don’t sulk in them

It’s inevitable, you are going to make mistakes, but there are two ways you can react. You can either sulk and find excuses for your failures, or you can learn from them. Retrace your steps and find where you made mistakes. You can also reach out to coworkers and ask for advice on how to improve or how they would have approached the task. Taking the high road will impress everyone around you and give you a feeling of self-worth.

Go the extra mile

Have a project assigned to you that you know you can knock out of the park? Go above and beyond by adding something extra to it. You could suggest new ideas, help your co-workers complete their part, or finish it before the deadline. You will feel like a rockstar because you went the extra mile. You’ll have more motivation and confidence to continue the habit in the future.

Follow these tips and you’ll reap the benefits of your refreshed sense of confidence both inside and out of work. Want to put all that confidence to use? Download tilr today on Google Play or App Store and start working when and how you want!