Celebrating Gig Workers on Labor Day

It’s time to celebrate gig workers, who are reshaping the way people work.

Published on September 2, 2019

Labor Day is a day to celebrate the hard work that has gone into developing the industries of the United States – and the work that is still done by millions of American workers. We want to take this opportunity to celebrate gig workers, who have become a more prominent part of the nation’s economy in the past few years. Full-time gig workers now make up 3.8% of the nation’s workforce, and even more take on gig work intermittently. Gig work is important in shaping and developing the United States and other countries around the globe. 

Gig workers help others. The ‘gig economy’ is also sometimes called the ‘sharing economy’, and for good reason. A lot of the work that can be ‘gigged’ comes in the form of sharing a car, food, or time, to help somebody else out. But it also comes in the form of temporary labor – businesses can fill their open positions by bringing on gig workers for short periods. 

The instantaneous nature of gig work shows how far we’ve come technologically. Technology connects people who are looking for work with people that want a service, in seconds. People now rely on gig workers to get around, to have things delivered, and to get work done – all around the clock. That sort of reliance makes gig work a vital element of our economy.

Gig workers are also guiding towards more flexible work for everybody. Alternative arrangements are becoming more commonplace as businesses begin to realize its impact on hiring and productivity. Achieving a work-life balance is made easier when you are able to take care of whatever you need to – whether that be through taking on gig work full time, being able to work from home, or taking half days at your place of employment. This is a critical shift not only in how people work, but how people live their lives. 

The work achieved by gig workers is commendable and impactful across the country. We want to recognize and celebrate those of you who work through tilr or any other gig platforms.

Thank you for your hard work.