How To Expand Your Job Search

Learn how your first job can influence your next job with transferrable skills.

Published on July 26, 2019

If you’re looking to pick up a new side hustle on the weekend or leap to an alternative career path, you may be thinking within the line your current line of work or an odd job that you have previously done. It makes sense! You’ve done it before, so why not do it again?

However, tilr urges you to think beyond this narrow and straight path. Think back to every job you’ve ever had — babysitting, delivering newspapers, working at the local fast-food joint. Maybe it wasn’t the most exciting job but you have to admit, you probably learned a lot! Each experience brings a new skillset to the table. These skills can be categorized as hard or soft skills. Hard skills are skills which are learned and can be put to the test such as proficiency in more than one language or the ability to write code. However, the workplace is putting more emphasis on the importance of soft skills. Communication, teamwork, and time management are all great examples of soft skills that can be developed through many diverse experiences. 

With tilr, you can take this wider skill set and land jobs that you never would have thought you were able to do. tilr’s algorithm takes the skill rankings that you have listed within the app and deems you qualified or near-qualified to do a certain occupation — even if you have never actually done the occupation before. When  companies make jobs available to Community Members via tilr, the company hones in on approximately five key skills. If a Community Member self-ranks themselves experienced in four to five of these key skills, they are deemed qualified. However, if a Community Member possesses two to three of those key skills, the Community Member may be deemed near-qualified. If you are qualified or near-qualified for an occupation, you will be offered those jobs in your area.



tilr can be used to supplement your existing part-time or full-time job or, using this innovative algorithm, you can use the app to try out jobs in different lines of work to discover what new job may be right for you. Interested in jobs you may be a good fit for but haven’t thought of? Download tilr and input your skill set to find out!