Introducing the tilr Help Center

A new way to answer any questions you have about tilr.

Published on January 2, 2019

The tilr Help Center is designed to help you get started with tilr, answer any questions you might have, help you troubleshoot an issue, and give you the best practices to get the most out of tilr.


Navigating the Help Center

The Help Center is broken into categories:

  • Getting Started section will guide you through the simple steps of using tilr
  • Best Practices section will give you tips on making the most out of tilr
  • Troubleshooting section will help you solve issues you may have along the way
  • FAQ section will provide answers to common questions

tilr Help Center - search your tilr questions and find answers


You’ll be able to search the Help Center with any question you have. The Help Center can be accessed at or by navigating to the tilr main page, clicking the chat bubble, and searching for an answer using the new ‘Find an answer quickly’ search bar. You can also always reach out to a tilr team member through the support page in the tilr app or directly from the tilr website.


Click here to view the Help Center now.