The 29 Most Popular Temp Jobs

Businesses in every industry benefit from temporary workers. These are the most popular temp jobs across all industries.

Published on July 22, 2019

Most industries have some sort of temp jobs available – you just need to know what to look for. Temporary work is often influenced by seasonality, either because of a shift in weather or fluctuations in demand. It also becomes necessary for short-term projects or work that will only be needed for a set amount of time. If you’re interested in temp work, it may be a good idea to look for the temp jobs listed below.


Seasonal work

Many temp positions arise to help businesses staff seasonally. This either comes through because of changing weather or the holidays associated with those seasons. In warmer months, more people want to be outdoors and most outdoor activities require facilitation. Working as a camp counselor, lifeguard, or festival worker becomes possible in the spring and summer. Plants also begin to grow much more rapidly during these months, making landscaping more necessary. Many construction and building repair companies start bringing on temp workers for the warmer months as well, because most companies try to avoid the snow and wintery weather that slow down projects significantly.

Restaurants also undergo drastic shifts in demand based on the season. Many restaurants get the majority of their revenue in the summer because more people are out and about. This can mean an increase in staff for almost any restaurant position, including dishwashers, waitstaff, cooks, and hosts. These positions are often temporary because the increase in business is also temporary.

There are many companies that seek temporary workers in the winter as well, but due to the holidays rather than the weather. Many customers flock to e-commerce sites and retail outlets during the winter, making it the busiest time of the year for consumer goods stores. This of course makes warehouse work more necessary, for loading, unloading, packaging, and shipping. This uptick in demand also makes hiring more customer service representatives necessary. Many customers will call in with complaints, questions, or returns, making it just as busy in call centers as it is in warehouses. Retail stores will also bring on sales associates, stockers, and cashiers to help facilitate the flow of customers. These companies will boost their hiring efforts during this time – many use temp agencies to match the rapid increase in demand.


Skilled labor

Merchandise assembly can also be affected by the changing of the weather, but has busy periods in both the summer and the winter. During the summer, an uptick in grill, gardening equipment, and sporting equipment sales means more display units need to be assembled. During the winter, playsets and snow equipment see a rise in sales along with the holiday, again requiring merchandise assemblers. This position does require quite a bit of training and involves putting together large equipment, so it can be difficult for retailers to find merchandise assemblers during this time. Many companies rely on temp agencies and companies that are dedicated to finding temp workers for this position.

You can also find work in maintenance and repair or as an electrician. These positions require a bit of knowledge and experience in the field. Maintenance, repair, and electrical projects can arise for nearly any development, so the work is available year-round and assignments are often temporary. Many contractors specialize in one of these fields because they are so common and experienced workers are hard to come by for businesses that need them.



Many positions in the medical field also benefit from temp workers. Shortages in staff or emergencies can make it necessary to bring in temp workers until problems get sorted. In a case like this, the need for temporary registered nurses, nursing aides, and orderlies rises. A need for a longer-term temp position can also come in the form of home health aides – businesses that work in this space often need assistance from temporary home health aides when the client list rises.



Offices also have a need for short-term, temporary work. As with most other temp positions, temporary office work becomes necessary with fluctuations in demand. When the office gets hectic and managers feel short-staffed but don’t know how long the increase in demand will last or if another full-time employee is necessary, they bring on temp workers.

If the company is falling behind on phone calls that need to be made or documents that need to be sent out, they will bring on temp office clerks. If the company is falling behind on business and need more clients to reach their revenue goals, they may look to bring on temporary sales representatives. An increase in sales or purchases might make more accountants and auditors needed. A new class of recruits or a company-wide training program would necessitate bringing on more HR specialists. Copywriters also seek temp jobs at businesses and either work from home or at the office to help put out content or create documentation.



If any of these temp jobs interest you, you should seek out companies in your area that might be hiring. Looking for jobs online with the keyword ‘temporary’ or ‘seasonal’ will help you find work that works for you. If you want to be notified when temporary positions become available, you can also download tilr, an app that sends you job offers rather than jobs you need to apply for. Temporary work is available year round, so be sure to find something that fits you.