I Downloaded tilr. Now What?

Let’s get you to work.

Published on November 8, 2016

Our mission at tilr is to put you to work as soon as possible. Once you’ve downloaded the tilr app, there are a few simple steps you need to take before we can start sending job opportunities straight to your phone. Let’s break it down.

Schedule an onboarding call on tilr

Book a Call

This is not an interview – think of it as a friendly chat with one of our tilr Ambassadors. Once you’ve entered your skills and completed your profile, schedule a call with us so we can discuss your skills and experience and give you the chance to ask us any questions. You’re now part of the tilr Community and we want you to feel like a valued member!

PRO TIP: You can schedule your call through the app, or right from this blog post! Click the link below to schedule your call today.





How to submit a background check on tilr

Start Your Background Check

After your chat with a tilr Ambassador, you will be able to go into the app and start your background check. Starting your background check before you have accepted a job offer allows you to start working immediately once you’re offered a job. You may also choose to start the background check after you’ve received a job offer.

In order to execute the background check, go into the app and click ‘more’ on the bottom menu and click ‘background check.’ The background check is the last step, and it’s completely private and free! Did you know we partner with GoodHire? GoodHire runs the background check and only you and GoodHire will know the results.

PRO TIP: The sooner you start your background check, the sooner you’ll get to work!



Add skills to your profile on tilr

Add and Update Skills

At tilr, we see skills as your personal evolving DNA. Your skills qualify you for many different jobs – some might even surprise you! You can always go back into the app to update and add skills. Remember, even that tutoring position in high school counts.

PRO TIP: Search for new skills using keywords like “communication” or “design.” Searching with general topics and interests will allow you to see multiple skills you might have missed.

At tilr, our goal is getting you to work faster and more seamlessly than ever before. We hope that these tips inspire and get you to complete the quick and easy process of becoming a tilr community member!