Midwest Startups Making Waves – St. Louis, MO

A large startup ecosystem resides in the Midwest where there is an abundance of resources. St. Louis is contributing to the success and growth of these startups.

Published on April 29, 2019

St. Louis is a promising startup city, being named the 2nd best rising city for startups in an October Forbes article. The value of venture capital investments continues to rise in St. Louis, ranking it 19th among metro areas for venture capital investment. The startup community is also bolstered by the low cost of doing business, which is 8% below the national average. Here are the St. Louis startups that you should keep a close eye on:



Jane.ai is an artificial intelligence platform that makes company information easily accessible through chat. Jane.ai can integrate with cloud applications to track down documents. The platform can also access and pull information from within these documents to answer questions. Any questions Jane.ai doesn’t have the answer to can be re-routed to a human copilot, who can provide an answer directly.

Learn more at jane.ai.



Tunespeak has created a platform that rewards music fans for promoting an upcoming show or tour. Tunespeak’s reward model is based on the idea that personal recommendations are the best way to get new people interested in a band – rewarding fans with tickets when their friends begin showing interest in the band.

Learn more at tunespeak.com.



Tallyfy transforms repeatable processes into digital workflows, making it easy for a team to stay on top of who is doing what, when, and why. These processes are tracked in real-time to display the progress through each workflow, which can help team members prioritize. Tallyfy works to eliminate mistakes and automate decisions through clean, organized digital workflows.

Learn more at tallyfy.com.



Strayos is an aerial image processing and data analytics software that assists the mining, quarry, and drilling and blasting industries. A drone is sent over the jobsite to develop elevation heatmaps, as well as instant calculations for bench height and slope, which can help with planning and analysis. Strayos readings can boost jobsite efficiency through their precision.

Learn more at strayos.com.