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Algorithmic Hiring
How AI will change HR and help your team
Teaming Up with Tech: How AI Can Change HR Permanently

Learn how AI and humans can play to each others’ strengths to create powerful changes in how we work and recruit.

How tilr ensures you find the workers you need
How tilr Ensures You Find the Workers You Need

tilr takes a new approach to staffing to ensure you find the right workers for your business.

Staffing Trends 2019
The Biggest Staffing Trends of 2019

The new year has rolled in – these are the trends that will impact the way companies think about staffing in 2019.

Applicant tracking system
The Difference Between tilr and an Applicant Tracking System

Gone are the days of resumes being filtered through an applicant tracking system. tilr’s recruiting algorithm ensures qualified candidates are landing jobs based on their skills.

What is blind hiring? How can blind hiring help improve diversity in the workplace? - tilr
What Is Blind Hiring?

The current hiring process doesn’t lead to diversity in the workplace. Blind hiring might be able to change that.

AI Impact on industry
Three Major Industries That Have Been Impacted by AI

Artificial intelligence (AI) has been making big changes to company processes and in our daily lives. Several industries are rapidly changing thanks to AI.

Can AI or algorithms reduce bias in hiring?
Can AI Reduce Bias?

AI is on track to completely change the world. But can it reduce bias?

The history of digital recruitment - how has recruitment changed? tilr
History of Digital Recruitment

Let’s get digital – recruitment continues to change as technology improves.

Indianapolis companies using AI
Companies in Indianapolis Making a Splash Through AI

Artificial intelligence has changed our daily lives and continues to develop applications in different fields. What companies in Indianapolis are leading the charge in AI?