tilr Glossary for Community Members

The free tilr app matches you with job offers based on skills. We’re here to provide you with definitions around some of the most used lingo on the app.

Published on December 27, 2019

Interested in using tilr to get job opportunities? Already created your profile? We’re here to give you the lowdown on some of the most used tilr lingo so you can get the most out of the app.


tilr Community Member

That’s you! If you’ve signed up for tilr, we’re excited to welcome you to the platform as a member of our community. You’re a “tilr”, a worker, and an independent contractor.

Job offer

Instead of applying to positions by sending in a resume and going to interviews, we work to find you jobs. We match you to jobs based on your skills and preferences. You’ll receive a job offer once you have a match and the job is yours – accept or decline as you see fit.

tilr app

We’re making it easier to work. All of your activity as a tilr Community Member is done through our cool smartphone app. You’ll complete the onboarding process, receive job offers, check in and out, and get paid all through the app. Don’t have the app? You can download it here.

Code of Conduct

Your tilr experience is a two-way street. We treat it like the Golden Rule. Show up and be on time. Be reliable. Be respectful. Be awesome. Be respectful. You were given the offer because you have the skills that match the work that needs to be done, so this is your time to shine, further develop your professional skills, and get paid. Be sure to review the tilr Code of Conduct here.

Onboarding call

This is the most important step in getting you ready to be eligible to receive job offers. This quick phone call is an opportunity for our team to get to know you and for you to get to know tilr. You can schedule your call directly in the app and it must be completed before you can find work on the tilr platform.


The job search process has too many steps. Resumes, interviews, and job titles don’t reveal your true potential as a worker for companies. We instead emphasize skills in our matching process which recognizes all of the hard work you’ve done throughout your career. You are then able to be matched to jobs you are best suited for or are able to even level up in the type of work you’re pursuing.

tilr profile

Your profile is the way we match you to job offers! You’ll be matched on a combination of your skills, travel preferences, and availability. It’s important that you have your profile updated to accurately reflect all of these factors. If you have changes to your address, phone number, or anything else, be sure to update them ASAP on the app.

Checking in / checking out

Once you’re all set to work a job opportunity, you’ll need to record the hours you work. Much like punching in and out on a time clock, you’ll check in and out on the tilr app directly. The app will track your hours, remind you to update missed shifts, and calculate your hours for when you get paid!

Help Center

The tilr team is ready to help you with anything you may need! If you want to learn more about tilr, have a question, or are experiencing an issue with the app, we suggest taking a look at our Help Center. We’ve built the Help Center to include frequently asked questions and information to help you get the most out of your tilr experience.