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By using an algorithm that matches on skills, tilr gives companies access to a larger pool of talent that is ready to work. tilr automates the recruitment process, saving time and money,while eliminating bias from the process.
On average, it takes companies 42 days to fill an open job.
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  • Create job descriptions or use tilr’s templates for quick and easy job posting.
  • Keep track of time and attendance, and rate daily to ensure you’re getting the best workers.
  • tilr manages payroll and invoicing, so you don’t have to.
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“tilr has made on-demand labor a breeze for our company. I would absolutely recommend tilr to any other business because the numbers don’t lie- quality and efficiency has gone up and our overhead has gone down.”
Bill Neese
VP of Talent, Paycor
"tilr has been a game-changer for us. Just last week, we posted 20 jobs that needed to be filled in a day and, in less than eight hours, the task was complete. We were also highly impressed with the caliber of the candidates.”
Natasia Malaihollo
CEO, Wyzerr
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