How do I download the app?

tilr is available for iPhones through the App Store and Androids through Google Play. Should you have any questions or have technical difficulties downloading the app, please email

How do I get paid?

During the sign-up process, you are asked for your bank account information. This information is used solely to deposit your earnings into your account. tilr works with Hyperwallet as its payment processor. All information remains confidential and tilr does not have access to account information. tilr is working on an alternative solution for payment in order to serve those without access to a bank account.

When will I be paid?

tilr processes payroll weekly on Wednesdays at 4:00pm EST, and all shifts worked prior to the processing will be paid out directly to your bank account. The time that it takes for your earnings to clear in your account can span between 1-7 business days depending on the banking details your provide.

Am I an employee of tilr?

No, as a Community Member, you are not an employee of tilr. If you are working through the tilr platform, you are considered a 1099 worker, also known as an independent contractor.

When will I receive a job?

Once you have completed the sign-up process and have had a quick onboarding call with one of our tilr Ambassadors, you are eligible to receive job offers! Depending on your skillset and the demand, you could receive job offers instantly. As a new company, we are working diligently to map your skillsets, and are continuously looking for companies that need your skills. If you are not served a job offer right away, please be patient, you will be served a job shortly. Should you have any questions or feel that you have not been served a job offer in adequate time please contact us at

How can I see the results of my background check?

GoodHire, our background check partner, will only notify you if there are any issues with your background check. If there are not any errors, there will be no additional communication. Most results of the background check are subject to 24-48 hours of completion time. For any queries about the background check and your results, please direct questions to

Why do you ask for my Social Security number?

This is an important topic. tilr only asks for a Social Security number to complete a background check, which is necessary to work any job. Background checks ensure the safety of our Community Members and our companies. You must complete and pass the background check before you are able to work any opportunities.

Our background checks are completed by our partner, GoodHire, who is a leader in the industry. tilr does not store this data nor do we have access to it; only GoodHire has access to the information. We receive the information of the background check to ensure you are in good standing for our platform, however we do not receive any detail. Please take a look at our privacy policy for more information.