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tilr matches your skills to job requirements, not just your previous job titles.
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What sorts of jobs can you expect when you sign up with tilr?
There are a wide variety of jobs available on tilr. The tilr platform is designed to serve workers in part-time, temp-to-hire, and gig positions. Positions are served to workers based on their skills, availability,and preferences.

The most common industries tilr serves are logistics, customer service, general labor, and hospitality - however, jobs outside of these core industries are also available.
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“As a veteran of the U.S. Army, I was faced with bias in the application process because my past job titles don’t translate to civilian work. tilr breaks it down so that my skills are what is highlighted.”
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“I was having a difficult time finding a position, because many employers and resume systems couldn’t get past that last job title. With the help of tilr, my skills and abilities were showcased.”
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tilr is available for download from the App Store and Google Play Store.