At tilr, we recognize that people and their skills are the most valuable resource on our planet.
tilr is the first true algorithmic hiring solution, revolutionizing the process for both companies and job seekers. We recognize that matching on titles and keywords doesn’t work, and that traditional search technology is broken.

So we fixed it.

Established in 2015, tilr is an algorithmic hiring solution. With 80+ years of talent management experience on our team, our technology is bringing jobs to the community in innovative ways.

tilr’s algorithm intelligently matches skills to job requirements, rather than titles or keywords. This allows tilr to automate the recruitment process and provide a better fit for both Clients and Community Members. This approach leads better work opportunities and larger, more relevant candidate pools.Our mission is to automate the recruitment process. Our vision is to close the global skill gap.

Our mission is to automate the recruitment process. Our vision is to close the global skill gap.
the tilr team

Carisa Miklusak

CEO & Co-Founder

As President and CEO, Carisa drives tilr’s strategic vision and day-to-day execution with a relentless passion for the new workforce marketplace, which results in innovative and sustainable solutions.

Summer Crenshaw

COO & Co-Founder

As COO and acting CMO, Summer leads with a strategic efficiency that manifests in employee and customer delight, while simultaneously driving tilr’s transmedia and communication strategies.

Luke Vigeant

CTO & Co-Founder

As CTO, Luke focuses on the product and ensuring the technology being developed best supports tilr’s organizational goals, workers, and corporate clients.

Jennifer Hwang


As CSO, Jen leads the teams in Business Development, Growth, and Strategic Partnerships to drive revenue through strategic alignment and execution, enabling tilr to grow in a scalable, replicable, connected way.

Steve Luu

Steve Luu

VP, Growth & Analytics

Steve leads Growth & Analytics at tilr and is responsible for scaling tilr’s market and category expansion with a focus on data and analytics. He brings 10 years of experience as a strategist in advertising, media and product development across various industries. He is based out of Toronto, Canada.

Jessica Mullins

VP, People & Culture

Jessica leads human resources and administration efforts. She believes in employee engagement and the positive impact of culture in the workplace. Jessica believes in tilr’s commitment to the employees, members, clients and the partnerships within its communities.